Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Welcome to Crafty Maya

Hello. Here's my blog! Welcome!

Well, I have a few reasons I decided to attempt this blog thing. My friends have a food blog and they've suggested I also post photos and write about restaurants and recipes I've tried. Another reason is that all my friends and family are scattered about the state (and some in others). And for them to know what's up with me, they can read my blog. Hmm... Although this blog will primarily be about food, little simple crafty projects I make, and the herbs and wildflowers I'm trying to grow from my apartment balcony. I may occasionally write about my pet fishies and parakeet(s?), too.

As for the name of my blog site... My shiba dog's name is Maya. She's sneaky smart. All she thinks about is food. So, see, I'll write about food. And I added "crafty" because it can mean "sneaky" (my dog) and that something is made by hand. So, I'll write about my craft projects. And the gardening in the balcony... Um... My dog hangs out in the backyard. See. So that's my explanation.