Monday, June 11, 2007

Smiley Kidnapper

My friend and her husband got me The Cute Book by Aranzi Aronzo for my birthday. It turns out that we both really liked the Kidnapper in there. It's weird that it's a kidnapper, but it's so awkwardly cute! I love how he has a white bag to collect the child. So, we finally got together on Friday to make him. It was difficult trying to trace the pattern of the body onto the black felt with the white pencil. Especially up the armpits and between the legs. So when I had to cut the shapes out, I kind of had to guess how far to cut up on those parts. And of course, sewing those parts got a little tricky. He's just so skinny! I didn't bother trying to fill his arms or legs with the fluffy stuff. I don't think you're supposed to anyways.

Once I finished the Kidnapper, my husband and I had fun positioning him out in the balcony to take different creepy or sneaky shots of him. Unfortunately, I didn't make his straight mouth long enough and he looks like he's smiling. My friend who has never sewn except to put on a button seemed to struggle with it, but was really persistent. She still hasn't finished it yet. I can't wait to see her finished product. I think we ended up with such a tricky one to do for a first time crafter.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Bird Swing

Yesterday, all I worked on was this bird swing for my parakeet that I don't quite have it. I would never try to make this again. Well, the swing part was easy, just get a stick and drill holes on either end of it and shape a wire through it to make the swing. Simple. The embellishments I would not do again. Not only was it painful on my fingers to sew those little flowers on it, but the parakeet will poop on it.

Now, why did I even make it then? Because I got this new Japanese zakka book called Kirippanashi de Dekirumono by Kiyuna Hareru that had a really cute decorating idea. It was strips of ribbon hung from a doorway and on each strip, there were flowers made of fabric sewn on it. I wanted to make it for my place but there just isn't a place for it. So, I decided to make it for my parakeet so that they can climb it and nibble on it.

The only change I made from the book design was that I sewed two different patterned fabrics together with a felt sandwiched in between them. That way, it was easier for me to handstitch in a way that the bird won't be shredding the fabric to pieces and possibly eating it.

I'm really happy with the outcome. It's colorful and the handstitching gives it a really charming, child-like feel to it.