Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eat Real Fest (Saturday)

We've been looking forward to the Eat Real Fest all year, and it's finally here! We went last year and just loved it. It's a lot bigger this year with more food vendors and demos. Having more food vendors seem to shorten the lines a lot. The longest line we stood in was for the mini lobster roll; probably about 10 min. Otherwise, the lines were about a 5 min. wait to none. We're planning to go again tomorrow!

Seoul on Wheels - Spicy Pork Korean Taco ($3)
Get Jerked! - Jerk Fish Tacos ($4)
Jim n Nick's BBQ - Smoked Pork Sausage with Pimento Cheese ($5)
Hapa SF - Lumpia Shanghai ($3)
Pizza Politana - Eat Real Pizza ($3)
Chaac-Mool - Al Pastor Taco ($3)
Sam's Chowder House - Mini Lobster Roll ($5)
Los Cilantros - Organic Roasted Corn ($3)
They also had farm animals like little chickens and goats.


Hakka House said...

Was the lobster roll worth the 10 minute wait? LA Times is having its own food festival next week. Food trucks galore! Wish you and Joey were here =)

bananami said...

Yup. Worth the wait. A lot of my friends loved it.